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دوربین مداربسته کیوب تحت شبکه AVTECH AVN701EZ

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دوربین مداربسته کیوب تحت شبکه ای وی تک مدل AVN701 :

دوربین AVTECH AVN701EZ تولید کمپانی ای وی تک می باشد.

دوربین مداربسته AVTECH یکی از برندهای خوب تایوانی است و از تجهیزات با کیفیتی برخوردار است.

در  ادامه مشخصات فنی دوربین AVN701EZ آورده شده است.

مشحصات فنی AVTECH AVN701EZ :

Monitoring Any Time Any Where

EaZy Networking: 3 Step Setup

Push Video: Notification in 5 Secs



Need a quick solution for easy monitoring and EaZy setup with event notifying? AVN701EZ might be the one you need.

This network camera, AVN701EZ is the first EaZy Networking model, allowing users to set up in 3 steps. For any alarm event triggered by the internal human detection sensor or the external alarm-in device, users will be pushed for this event and is able to see the recording video on their mobile devices with our moble app, EagleEyes, installed.

PUSH VIDEO, Get event video call in 5 sec. for human detection or alarm event

When a self-defined event occurs, such as human or alarm, this camera will immediately make a video call to your iPad, iPhone or Android phone which will then activate our mobile surveillance software, EagleEyes, automatically for remote access.




AVN701EZ Specifications

General Specifications


Image Sensor ۱/۳″ HR image sensor
Min. Illumination ۰٫۲۵ Lux / F2.0
S/N Ratio More than 48dB (AGC off)
Electronic Shutter ۱ / ۶۰ (۱/۵۰) to 1 / 900,000 sec
Lens f3.6mm / F2.0
Viewing Angle ۹۰° (Diagonal) / 69° (Horizontal) / 53° (Vertical)
IR Effective Range N/A
PIR Sensor Detection Range 76° wide angle with up to 6m long distance at 2m height (under 30°C)
White Balance ATW
AGC Auto
Operating Temperature ۰℃~۴۰℃
Power Source (±۱۰%) ۵V / 0.5A





AVN701EZ Video Specifications

Video Compression H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG
Resolution VGA / D1 / CIF
Frame Rate NTSC:30 / PAL:25
Multiple Video Streaming ۳ (H.264, MJPEG, MPEG4)


AVN701EZ Audio Specifications





AVN701EZ Network Specifications

Number of Online Users ۱-۱۰
Supported Protocols DDNS / PPPoE / DHCP / NTP / SNTP / TCP/IP / ICMP / SMTP / FTP / HTTP / RTP / RTSP / UPnP
LAN Speed ۱۰/۱۰۰ Based-T Ethernet
LAN Port Yes
Security – Multiple user access levels with password

– IP address filtering

– HTTPS encryption

– WEP 64/128 bit


Antenna Gain ۲dBi
Remote Access – Traditional Setting: Modern web browser, EagleEyes Mobile APP, Free CMS software, Video Viewer

– EaZy Networking Setting: iPhone EagleEyes APP




AVN701EZ Other Specifications

Mobile Surveillance Android / iOS
Event Notification FTP / Email / Push Video
External Alarm Device Connection Yes
Digital Pan / Tilt / Zoom Yes
Motion Detection Yes
RTC (real-time clock) Yes
Minimum System Requirements
  • Pentium 4 CPU 1.3 GHz or higher, or equivalent AMD
  • ۲۵۶ MB RAM
  • AGP graphics card, Direct Draw, 32MB RAM
  • Windows 7, Vista & XP, DirectX 9.0 or later
Note Human detection sensor built-in / Push Video